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Develop a thesis sample cover letter for internship high school on the relative weight of similarities and differences Once you have listed similarities and differences, decide whether the similarities on the whole outweigh the differences or vice versa. Pro tip 1: Pick topics that interest you. You may find our handout Constructing Thesis Statements useful at this stage. Figuring out a thesis for a compare and contrast essay Coming up with a great thesis statement is associated with a great deal of preparatory work. Both of them correspond to the main goal — comparison. Be aware, too, of the placement of your different points.

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Thesis Statements - The Writing Center Lenovo: an example of globalization of Chinese enterprises.

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How to Write a Compare and Contrast Thesis Statement Please do not use this list as a model for the format of your own reference list, as it may not match the citation style you are using.

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Compare and Contrast Thesis Statements: how to write

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