Submission of final version : Graduate Research School : The University of Western Australia

Uwa phd thesis submission form. Style and format : Graduate Research School : The University of Western Australia

Step one Once examiners are approved and a thesis submitted, the Graduate Research School sends an electronic copy to the examiners. Expertise Examiners do not necessarily have to hold an equivalent degree to that which they are examining, but they must be web based thesis title for it students shown to be recognised experts in their field. Step 5 Submit the completed form with attachments to the Graduate Research School about three weeks before the intended submission date. Submit all items to the Graduate Research School word thesis abstract summary, entered and printed out from Student Connect Certification of Final Version of Thesis form Digital copy of the final thesis Once you have submitted all of these items to the GRS and they have been approved, your enrolment status will change from 'discontinued' to 'completed'. The number of required examiners can be found here. The school will be contacted if the board requires school comments on the reports. Can I add or delete text from the publications or rearrange the text?


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  • This must be lodged along with an electronic copy containing a track change of your thesis.
  • Submission of final version : Graduate Research School : The University of Western Australia
  • Thesis : Graduate Research School : The University of Western Australia
  • Prepare digital copy of thesis in a PDF format on compact disc or flash drive The year of the title page is the year when the final version is completed.
  • Research proposal : Graduate Research School : The University of Western Australia

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Procedure for Submission of Ph.D. thesis

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Help to find a PhD supervisor (Science) If an examiner's report is more than three months overdue, the board may classify the thesis on the recommendation of the reports available.

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The letter must explain your itinerary and relationship with the organization in Germany. Be concise — We do understand that it is hard to limit your thoughts in a single paper, but try to be more concise about what you want to exactly say.
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