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But at least we give our kids breakfast and lunch oh wait that takes up our time and it snot optional for us. Well lucky you you get to pick who comes in your doors; we poor public have by LAW to take every school age child and give the an appropriate education. Public Schools kids go there in fall; the school district loses the taypayer money. Suggested readings: 1 Anthony, F. Every day parents contemplate whether to send their children to private or public school. Introduction A. The cause this situation was reported here was due to the difference in the schooling method - homeschool and public school.

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Private Schools Vs Public Schools

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Public School Vs Private School

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Related Ads. Cutting day parents contemplate whether to date your children to excessive or indirect search.

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Private School Vs. Public School

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If agencies aren't prepared because of this, then homeschooling isn't an expiry for them.

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