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Both Hamlet and Ophelia act very strangely. Ophelia and Hamlet were deeply in love, until his mother, Gertrude married his uncle, Claudius, the day of his father's funeral. Instead she becomes jagged, benighted and imaginative. Hamlet dominates the play and is possibly the most discussed and pay someone write my paper cheap character in the world of plays. Laertes tells us convincingly how young and vulnerable Ophelia is, act I. When his father's ghost appears to him and tells him he must avenge the former king's spirit so that it may pass on to Heaven, he decides to put on an "antic disposition" so that no one will know what he is thinking. Ophelia is going from rational to suicide. She had not received support from her family because they consider her weak and naive. Horatio is used as a foil for Hamlet, the person to whom Hamlet can discuss his course of action and act like his true self. I think the thesis statement is complete without it. While Hamlet conforms, without a doubt, to Aristotle's definition of a tragedy, one question still lingers. Is she strong?

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What do you want to produce or create and what value will it have to you and society?

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At her first candlestick we see an unregulated, trusting, and established young girl, but by thesis statement hamlet ophelia last keep calm and write your masters thesis she is very, mad, and knowing.

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