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The purpose of this research was to identify the challenges experienced by two foundation phase teachers in teaching writing. She also demonstrated preference to working individually rather than in groups or pairs in her English classes. This case study contributes to the academic discussion by bringing insights from application letter example for teacher under-researched age level in an under-researched writing context - teenagers' learning process-based writing in an English Language Challenges of teaching creative writing ELT institute in Brazil. These create challenge to teach writing process to the students. Make sure that your child has this clear and formats all papers in the way requested by their teachers. Ur, P. The writing process and process writing. On the other hand, their EFL writing activities always placed a strong emphasis on the pre-writing stage by providing a model text to be analyzed by students and engaging them in different activities aimed at generating and organizing ideas, such as outlining, free writing, using graphic organizers, and debating.

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Process writing in a product-oriented context: challenges and possibilities

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  • This main part of the study focused on all the 16 students in the group.
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  • It is hoped that the teaching of Creative Writing in secondary schools and colleges will in some ways mirror this practice, with teachers and students working together as writers.

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