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Membership fees vary depending on how frequently members are paid and the level of their current salary. It has also voted at its annual conference to oppose the Government's proposals for a British national identity card. The service is limited to two telephone calls, of no more than 20 minutes in duration, on any one legal issue. The union's links to Labour and its moderate policies has caused some conflict and criticism of action taken against left-wing activists. Nothing happened for months - Unison didn't send an single e-mail chasing it up on my behalf. We provide protection for those who protect working in: NHS and social care roles Local and regional councils The electricity, gas and unison members will writing service industries Transport Community and voluntary roles. To find out more contact the Unite financial mis-selling line on or email ppirefunds unitetheunion.

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  • They are affiliated to Abortion Rights [19] which campaigns "to defend and extend women's rights and access to safe, legal abortion"; among its statements it opposes the criminalisaton of sex-selective abortion.
  • The National Delegate Conference has the power to vary the subscriptions levied after a majority vote, although the subscription rates do not change frequently.
  • The whole saga is absolutely appalling, don't ever waste your money with Unison.

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Legal protection for you, and your family

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The union is us all. Work-related criminal offences Unite Legal Services can provide members with legal assistance in the instance of work-related criminal charges, including for driving-related offences, being brought during the course of your employment.

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The process of making a personal injury claim with UNISON

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