Scientific Method: Step 6: CONCLUSION

A reasonable conclusion based on observations. What is a reasonable conclusion based on clues

What information were you missing when you made your prediction? Priestley taught Lavoisier how to obtain what he took to be measurements of the phlogiston content of an unknown gas. If epistemic trustworthiness requires certainty, this requirement favors the phenomenalists. Carson dellosa homework helpers then try to explain how observational data argue for or against the possession of one or more of these virtues. Because some of the components of a theory are logically and more or less probabilistically independent of one another, adherents of competing theories can often can find ways to bring themselves into close enough agreement about auxiliary hypotheses or prior probabilities to draw the same conclusions from the evidence. Achinstein and O. Scientists can then check their data against their original hypothesis to find out whether or not they were right. Kuhn, T. Even though scientists often record their evidence non-sententially, e. Creative writing department utep example, if premises were established that the defendant slurred his words, stumbled as he walked, and smelled of alcohol, you might reasonably infer the conclusion that the defendant was drunk. It can be studied by asking young children simple questions involving cartoon pictures, or it can be studied by giving adults a variety of complex verbal arguments and asking them to make probability judgments. It can make predictions about future events or as-yet unobserved phenomena.

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  • They are all based on specific evidence not general laws and they are all probably true, rather than being logically airtight.
  • It can be harder to tell whether an abrupt jump in the amplitude of a high frequency EEG oscillation was due to a feature of the subjects brain activity or an artifact of extraneous electrical activity in the laboratory or operating room where the measurements were made.

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Reasoning by Induction

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What is a reasonable conclusion based on clues

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  • Philosophers agree that you can observe the moons of Jupiter with a telescope, or a heart beat with a stethoscope.

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