V. I. Lenin: The Tasks of the Proletariat in the Present Revolution (a.k.a. the April Theses)

Lenins april theses class 9. Lenin’s April Theses and the Russian Revolution – International Socialism

Certainly the very idea of going beyond the bourgeois democratic revolution and destroying the provisional government would have been inconceivable. In trying to avoid the pitfalls of either being rigidly dogmatic on the one hand or prosaic on the other concerning the overall conceptual rigour of their political message, the Bolsheviks knew what every revolutionary socialist activist, before or since, knows, that if they were to reach beyond their primary circle of supporters and connect with the workers and peasants they were trying to win over, they would need to adopt a more everyday style of language in their pamphlets. In his speech, Lenin urged the peasants to take the land from the rich landlords and the industrial workers to seize the factories. However, for those holding to the continuity of the old Bolshevik scenario, Lenin does, somewhat inconveniently, present the concept of two stages of revolution. Kamenev rep. From the moment of his return through late OctoberLenin worked for a single goal: to place Russia under Bolshevik control as quickly as possible. Without the appearance of the soviet, without the fact of dual power, there would have been no other viable option but to accept the provisional government and the self-imposed limitations of the bourgeois democratic revolution that had bought lenins april theses class 9 into existence. As already noted, it is true that the Bolsheviks at this time came to believe that the soviet had the potential to become the provisional government but they anticipated that the circumstances in which this would occur would be by a revolutionary overthrow of Tsarism led either by the liberals as forecast by the Mensheviks or by workers as projected by the Bolsheviks. Basically, no April Theses, no October.

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  • Lenin’s April Theses and the Russian Revolution – International Socialism
  • V. I. Lenin: The Tasks of the Proletariat in the Present Revolution (a.k.a. the April Theses)
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SparkNotes: The Russian Revolution (–): Lenin and the Bolsheviks

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  • That is because in such conditions, a purely bourgeois imperialism would not vanish, but would only gain strength.
  • No one can say who will begin and who will end.
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Vladimir Ilyich Lenin

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April Theses - Wikipedia Lenin accused those Bolsheviks who were still supporting the government of Prince Georgi Lvov of betraying socialism and suggested that they should leave the party. It appeared to be the most progressive government in history.

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Lenin and the Bolsheviks

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  2. It is important to make clear that when Lenin was advocating moving as speedily as possible to the second stage of the revolution this should not be confused with the Menshevik and subsequent Stalinist two stages theory.
  3. In the newspaper he wrote an article dismissing the idea of working with the Provisional Government.

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April Theses

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