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Course Overview The pedagogical foundation of the course is based on the significance of a text that needs the medium, that N. Baptism is also especially good for discussing how medium can convey message. These essays really do take advantage of the medium and students are able to reflect on how and why they composed and designed them the way they did. Aesthetic design is not the main focus of the course 4 but must be given attention as it contributes to or can take away from meaning. Though I am inside, the feeling is more of being in a high tech cave the size of a stadium, black metallic roof above, black metallic floor below. Anna, Gimnazjum nr 1, Poland It is very interesting for opening the mind and do something different and useful to help to create a better atmosphere dissertation survey meaning our classes. There was a huge walk-in refrigerator and several water baths. When we talk and teach thoughtfully about the elements of digital writing—words, images, sounds, videos, links, and other media elements—we are helping them be purposeful and, in turn, helping them be creative. In my Creative Writing Laboratory, everyone is a researcher, a lab technician, exploring their own process. This helps them understand why their own essays need the digital medium, as well creative writing laboratory the affordances of multiple modes for creative expression; these are the tools of their time.

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