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There are opportunities to combine these sections to best suit your needs. Wikipedia is research proposal questions in education a reliable source, but it can take you to some great publication if you check out the list of references on the pages of your interest. When you have attainable goals, it will be easier for you to write the project without getting overwhelmed by its length and complexity. Next, you'll need to provide clear definitions of the terms related to the project. However, in Humanities and Social Sciences your theoretical conclusions should be woven into your overall analysis of data. Research dissertation layout is a smart investment that will save you from embarrassment after all that effort and stress you went through. Have I included my main conclusions and recommendations? Alternatively it can be useful to write the abstract earlier on, as an aid to identifying the crucial main thread of your research, its purpose, and its findings, which could then guide the structure of the dissertation. If done correctly, creating a solid structure will give your application more credence and scientific rigor. You can also make recommendations for future research or practical action. Literature review Literature review is an obligatory part of the substantive research themes and dissertations. For example, it might aim to show how your research: Addresses a gap in the literature Takes a new theoretical or methodological approach to the topic Proposes a solution to an unresolved problem Advances a theoretical debate Builds on and strengthens existing knowledge with new data The literature review often becomes the basis for a theoretical frameworkin research proposal questions in education you define and analyse the key theories, concepts and models that frame your research.

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Bibliography The Bibliography of the Masters Dissertation will vary depending on the citation style prescribed for your university and discipline.

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