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Abbreviations Abbreviations are commonly used in many source types including websites, blog posts, books, and journal articles. Like all other sections of mla format essay example works cited page assignment, paragraphs should be double spaced. BibMe: The Movie. If you have to cite a specific edition of a book later than the first, see the section below on citing edited books. Include the page number s on which the article appears. Citations for Lectures: The most basic entry for a lecture consists of the speaker's name, presentation title, date conducted, and the name and location of the venue. JMS Collective, 19 Apr. We can't all work as hard as we have to and then come home to be tortured like this, we can't endure it" Kafka, chap. No problem! Even though the writer modifies the information from another source, it is still necessary to credit the source using proper MLA format. Stay foolish.

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MLA Format and MLA Citations - Your BibMe Guide to MLA Citing Enter a title, web address, ISBN number, or other identifying information into the MLA format template to automatically cite your sources.

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