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If you and your students discussed bears eating fish in Yellowstone Park recently, give them this as a topic and throw them a curveball for the report. Students should match the two sentences that logically go together. Stronger students may wish to inhabit their world with unlikely characters. When all descriptions have been matched with pictures, allow students to correct any misplaced descriptions. Get the ebook Teach Essential Writing Skills. Now your students can see the shape of a short story. When your students have chosen their settings, brainstorm some useful vocabulary as a class and record it in a word bank on the board. Older students who understand English a bit may benefit from slightly more complex games.

Creative Writing Worksheets

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  • Try some easy non-rhyming poetry like adjective, shape, acrostic or simple haikus every day.
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How to Teach Creative Writing Techniques, Part 4

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Once you start your program, you should encourage continuing input from participants and others about what works and what should change to meet their interests and needs. That is the question. Through self help, one can become self made.