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You should also discuss how your values and beliefs about teaching fit into the context of your discipline. She must also encourage writing for the real world not simply the classroom and address the students as fellow artists. This might become one of the three or four major foci of your teaching philosophy. Do you wish to encourage mastery, competency, transformational learning, lifelong learning, general transference of skills, critical thinking? Faith that your life is connected to every other life—that this is, in fact, the reason art exists. The poetry students at George Mason, like other poetry students enrolled in similar programs, write for the most part first-person lyric-narrative free verse, but, like most other student poets, have little sense of how free verse evolved in the twentieth century. It took me two weeks to persuade them that the mastery of standard English was necessary. They form phrases and sentences slowly, in quiet voices, as if speaking quickly and loudly would chase away these new teaching philosophy creative writing. Once students conceive of their own writing, however germinal, as new knowledge, they begin to see themselves not as passive consumers of information but as active agents of cultural production. Proudly powered by Weebly.
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Teaching Philosophy - Karen Babine In addition to reading for craft, students should also consider fundamental questions about the nature of fiction itself, especially at advanced levels.

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